How Does Flour Mills Production Process Works

Flour mills production process is about the stages taken in the manufacturing of flour. In order to attain flour of high quality and in the shortest time possible a certain systematic procedure must be followed. In wheat flour production the raw material used is wheat.

In the first stage the wheat grains are thoroughly washed. This is done to get rid of any foreign materials that might be present and could alter with the product like the weed seeds, stones or dust particles or can harm the machines used. Then the washed product is passed through an aspirator to suck clean any substance that is less in weight than the wheat grain and could have escaped the first cleaning stage.

Samples of the now cleaned wheat are taken for physical and chemical grading analysis. It is arranged according to the protein content and those with the highest level of protein are mixed together to produce the number one grade.

The wheat is ground and arranged according to its content of protein it has. It is ground by being passed through two large metal rollers referred to as the breaker rolls. The breaker rolls opens up the wheat grain separating the outer layer with the inner parts. The grinding stage of the flour mills production process results to three levels of substances:

  • The farina – finest material
  • Semolina – interior largest particles
  • The parts that attach to the bran

These pieces are sifted and grinded again using the same procedure to produce several types of flour grades.

In flour mills production process great precautions are taken to ensure that best flour grade is produced. Every process is conducted by qualified team who ensures that high levels of hygienic measures are taken.

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