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Togo Customer Buy A Small Grain Milling Machine

Togo customer buy a small grain milling machine (ffc360), below pictures are the packaging before delivery.

small grain milling machine

ffc360 small grain milling machine

FFC series is a kind of multi-function small grain milling machine, which can process wheat, corn/maize, rice, sorghum etc  cereals, chemical and food industry.

Model Power(kw) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg)
M6FFC-160 1.5/220v,50hz 50-200 74
M6FFC-230 2.2/220v,50hz 150-560 80
M6FFC-270 7.5/380v,50hz 250-800 188
M6FFC-360 11/380V,50hz 400-1800 168
M6FFC-500 22/380V,50hz 1000-3000 720
M6FFC-800 55/380V,50hz 2000-8000 1200
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