M6FTY-10 Wheat Flour Mill Machinery

M6fty-10 series wheat flour mill machinery all scale unit with low investment and high efficiency, but a complete set of equipment which can produce continuously. With the development of a world economy and acceleration of grain circulation, new solutions to grain processing have been taken on and small scale, low investment flour mills have been welcomed by vast villages. So our flour mill machinery was designed as a new and small scale unit that could meet the demands of the current market.

Wheat Flour Mill Machinery

Main Technical Data

  1. Output:10T of grain within 24 hours
  2. Extraction flour: when the quality of the grain confirm the stipulation of China GB1351-86(the volume weight is over (770g/l) F1 flour:60% F2 flour:70% Standard flour:78%
  3. Quality of the flour: conform the stipulation of China GB1355-86
  4. Total power: 26.5kw,3 phase,380v,50hz
  5. Water content: add 2-3 percent water to the grain according to the water content of raw material
  6. The covering area:6.6*3.8*3.5m
  7. The tempering tank includes two parts, the size of each tank is: 0.9*1.5*1.5m
Equipment List :
No Name Model Qty
1 Flour milling machine 6fy-35 2
2 Fan 6-23no-5c 1
3 Fan 8-18no-4a 1
4 Reel separator No30 4
5 Stoner Qs-40 1
6 Scourer 6nf-90 2
7 Air lock Gfy-150 4
8 Sliding separator   1
9 Auger 150*1000 1
10 Scourer 20 1