100TPD Technological Process of Flour Production Line

1. Pre-clean
Raw materials warehouse includes a silo. In order to guarantee the quality of the workshop’s raw materials, reduce equipment breakdown, set up pre-clean sieve to remove hemp rope, stones, metals, etc. For large impurities, use elevator and horizontal conveyor equipment to convey the raw material to clean the workshop.

2. Clean
Adopting three sieve, two scourer, two destoners, one dampener, three times magnetic separation of wheat cleaning process. There are 8 dirty wheat storage, each storage 1250 ton, total storage 10,000 tons. Wheat dampener bin has 6, each stores 30 tons, total storage is 180 tons.
Screening: Equipped with 3 sieves, which are composed of a high efficient vibrating sieve and a rotary sieve classifier can removes big, medium and small impurities. Air suction separation system that removes light impurities, wheat gross etc., thus effectively reducing the impurities in the wheat.
Destoner: Two destoners, which selects high proportion of gravity stoner to remove stones and hard clay pieces in order to assure the flour’s quality.
Wheat scourer: select 2 wheat scourer machines to clear the wheat surface dust, wheat gross, microorganism and worm eggs, especially sediment embedded in wheat.
Wheat dampener: adopts efficient dampener that is used mainly to increase wheat dampenering, the endosperm absorbs moisture so it is soft for grinding, reduces crushing the bran, improves the grinding effect and flour output.

3. Milling
Using 4B 7M 1S 2T flour milling process, and is equipped with a flour clean system, bran scourer system, flour bump and loose systems. The head of the milling ground gently and separated carefully to improve quality of wheat middling,the head and middle way is mainly for flour out,while the back flow scrapes the bran and guarantee no flour leakage.

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