China Flour Milling Industry Existing Problems

Nowadays, the world witness a newer rising China. Its comprehensive national strength has been increasing in the recent few years. Agriculture plays a vital role in China. However, there are still some problems facing China flour milling industry.

1. At the present time, China flour market is still the buyers' market with non-standards. The flour quality and price isn't reflected reasonably. With the rapid and competitive competition, the payment period is much longer and longer. For example, some instant noodle manufacturers even delay their payment period to some flour factories as long as more than three months!

2. Because of the serious excess of the production capability of flour factories, the market competition is in a disordered state with fierce competition in China flour milling industry. Small and medium-sized flour companies with low cost advantage formed by cheap labor impact the market, they fight each other with price war, directly hitting the large and medium sized flour companies and forming the current situation of grain price rises while flour price falls.

3. The flour quality isn't stable. The post-processing technology hasn't reached its due attention degree. We can often accept an equipment or a set of processing design but can't recognize a flour blending scheme or an additive application scheme, which influences the development of flour post-processing technology in flour milling industry. At the same time, there also exists non-standard situation on flour additive application.

4. The flour product structure isn't reasonable, having no unique feature. The segmentation of the variety and quality of flour on the staple food is not enough. Many flour companies can't produce special flour that can cater to the the processing and quality requirements of many food, such as for the quick-frozen food. Their products cannot adapt to the rapid development of food industry, which is an important factor that restricts the economical benefits of flour milling industry.

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