Flour Milling Machinery History in China

As we all know, flour milling machinery plays an important role in our daily life. With the coming of easy life, people is becoming more and more careful for foodstuff. Flour milling industry improves the market demand. To offer the best services and produce high quality wheat flour.

As a professional supplier and exporter, manufacturer of flour milling machinery history in China is long. We design and manufacture 10-500 tons per day of wheat flour milling production line. The design will include wheat flour plant, workshop building, storage silos and auxiliary system.

 All of our flour milling machinery is unique product. The srtucture of it is compact, its stable function and less power consume. It can be used independently as well as combining with small sets of flour mill equipment, which can process wheat, maize, sorghum, cassava etc.

Our company suggest smaller amounts of flour mill, or for those who only want a course grind. Our flour mill can grind wheat, corn, maize etc to flour.

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