How Much is the Mini Flour Mill

Flour machine can produce high quality flour, a lot of people see the business opportunities and set up a small flour mills. You at least need one set of mini flour mill to start a small flour mills, and how much is the mini flour mill, this is the first question you should know.

A mini flour mill market price is from 4000-7000 RMB. The larger one is 13600 RMB per set. Mini flour mill covers less area, it is small investment, and flexible operation, as well as very convenient to hand. The production speed is very fast, small power, high efficiency and more suitable for small flour mills.

Traditional flour machine (skin-core mixed grinding) including stone flour mill machine, and the traditional steel flour mill machine, the skin and core are mixed grinding, thus caused the flour is dark.

Modern flour mill (skin-core separating grinding), the circular sieve filtration separately from the skin and core grinding, thus get more white flour.

Mini flour mill is easy to operate, the integration of automatic operation is more convenience, and humanized. Function continuously increase, production of flour is more high quality, and suitable for the demand of the modern.

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