Knowledge of Corn Flour High Nutritional Value

Corn, once a cheap coarse food grain isn't popular on the table of China and European countries. However, it's favored in so many European and American countries as a popular health food nowadays. It's because corn flour contains large quantities of nutrition. The high nutritional value of corn flour can't be neglected by you.

Corn Flour Nutritional Value

There are abundant nutrition contained in this grains. In addition to the carbohydrate, proteins, carotenes and fat etc. Experts have carried out many indicator contrasts on nutritional value and health protection function of corn, rice and wheat. As a result, they find that the vitamin content of corn flour is extremely high, five to ten times than rice and wheat. Besides, the nutritional value of corn flour of the special type is higher than ordinary flour.

Cancer prevention function
The glutathione contained in corn has anti-cancer factor which can combine with other substances, making these substances losing carcinogenicity. The proteins contained in corn absorbed by man can transform into vitamin A, which also has certain function of cancer prevention. All these you can get from the nutritional value of corn flour.

It has rich calcium contents
It's rich in calcium which can low blood pressure. Vitamin E can promote cell division, delay senility and prevent skin lesions. It can also reduce atherosclerosis and brain function decline. The corpus and zeaxanthin contained in the corn flour can fight aging eyes, stimulate brain cells and strengthen man's mental ability and memory.

So, we have a little knowledge of nutritional value of corn flour today. If you want to be a healthy person, get your own machine to mill flour at home. We are waiting for you!

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