Wheat, Corn, Cotton Grain Cleaning Machine

This grain cleaning machine is based on granular materials in fluidized processes will generate particles and density segregation phenomenon, make the material layer of mutually displacement through adjust wind pressure, amplitude etc technical parameters. Large proportion downward, hypobarism upward drift, when enter blanking area, discharge according to different proportion, in order to achieve the purpose of selection.

It is widely applies in the seed processing and agricultural processing industry, it has good effect on grain, cotton, forest tree seed, and cottonseeds. Can eliminate buds valley, worm damage, mildew, smut and shell take grains. It can also clean sizes less than 2 mm seeds, sand, stones, clods, etc. The thousand kernel weight, germination of seeds, clarity, uniformity etc, are improved after cleaned. The effect is much better especially on wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sorghum, and legume seeds.

Our grain cleaning machine is well designed, quality technical index, high efficiency, easy operation, convenient to move, excellent versatility, smooth operation, and the damping system is not easy to damage, it has the domestic advanced level.

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