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What is wheat flour?
Wheat flour is the product obtained by milling wheat kernels. The kernel includes three parts: bran, germ, and endosperm. In the flour milling process, the three parts are separated and blend.

The following chart is fine wheat flour parameter:

Moisture 13 % -13.5 %
Total Ash 0.5 - 0.55 %
Acid Insoluable Ash 0.015-0.02
Alcoholic Acidity 0.02%-0.03%
Gluten 28% - 30 %
Water Absorption Power Min.60%
Sedimentation Value 23ml - 24ml
Maltose Value 2.5mg - 3.5mg
Protein Crude 12 % - 13 %
Crude Fiber Max. 2.5% - 3%
Starch 73% - 75%

wheat flour

Wheat flour is the most common flour used in making meal and there are different types of wheat flour as well. The answer is absolutly yes for eat wheat flour. It is healthier, it includes the good carbs you actually need. Wheat flour is the first choice of the health conscious people.

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