KCF Series Multifunction Grinder

This multifunction grinder can smash and process kinds of grains, beans and seasonings etc. It could applied to coarse cereals processing factory packing house, bean products factory, sugar processing factory and seasoning processing factory etc.

There are not strictions for dryness and humidity, oil and sugar content. There is not screen and the residue in the grinder. The powder collector adopts air current spinning principle, making micro-powder emission concentration. It applies to the flour processing equipments and micro-powder collector and dedusting equipments. There is an automatic cleaning device in the machine getting rid of the material conglutination and concentration defects and the rusting problems so that the material emission could be achieved smoothly.

Main Technical Data:

multifunction grinder stainless steel grinder
Carbon Steel Grinder Stainless Steel Grinder

Main Technical Data

Model Ejection of flour granularity(mesh) Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
KCF450 100-500 100-200 7.5-11 550 2200*2000*1000
KCF550 60-500 150-280 11-15 750 2800*2500*1000
KCF650 60-500 250-380 15-22 1000 3000*2800*1000
KCF750 60-500 350-500 22-30 1500 3000*2800*1200

FC Model Maize Millers

disc maize miller maize miller maize milling

Main Technical Data

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Rotate speed(r/min) Rotator diameter(mm) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
FFC36 350-2000 11 4200 360 200 1490*700*1200
FFC50 550-3500 30 3300 500 520 1750*980*1600
FFC80 1200-8000 55 2180 800 980 2280*1500*2280