Cost To Start Rice Mill Plant

This is a 600 kg/h small automatic rice mill plant, it adopts the grain processing industry mature technique and technology, it's the best model for rice hulling. It has automatic feeding, de-stone, rice milling, bran separation, gravity paddy separation, broken rice sieve screening etc functions. arrangement structure. There is no residual gravity sieve surface material, which can used for small amount of farm processing and processed commodity grain in batches.

Process of start a rice mill plant for rice hulling

The elevator lift the raw material rice to de-stoner, rice after cleaning will respectively go to rice huller and gravity separation sieve, separate the bran and brown rice at the same time. The rice bran discharge from fan ( or processed by crusher), and the brown rice to rice huller processed into white rice.

Rice mill plant cost

  • The installation ground should be concrete level ground.
  • The operator of rice mill plant should accurate implementation of technical standards, production according to the prescribed process conditions.
  • Running the rice mill plant cost estimation (raw material rice price, personnel allocation, equipment accessory loss…)
  • The total consumption of power.

Our product has compact structure, cover an small area, high yield, no residue, low power consumption, low noise, less dust, easy maintenance, both men and women can operate on processing, etc. Rice hulling can meet the national standard. It is an ideal equipment for market town, farms and individual proprietors.

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