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Large Scale Flour Mill Equipment

With cooperation from additional factories we can supply any size flour mills to meet the depends of our customers. The capacity of our flour mill equipment range from 80TPD to 250TPD.

Storey Structure Plant

Normally, we adopt this frame when the input capacity is large, 4-6 storey building.

floor of flour mill equipment
Section (4 floors) of flour mill equipment
aspirarting head distributing system
aspirarting head distributing system
purifier system siftering system
siftering system purifier system
flour milling machine gravity destoner
flour milling machine gravity destoner

Steel Frame Structure Plant

Steel Frame Construction flour mill

Normally we adopt this size frame when the input capacity is small. This series of flour mill equipment both at home and abroad. The steel frame construction, small volume, high output, good quality, high milling rate, low gray powder, few consume are some of the advantages. The cleaning section includes a double-bin sifter, two beaters, two destoners, and one washer. The milling section adopt the latest craft of husk and grain important, gradational and making flour through impact each other.

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