Wheat to flour process with mini flour mill plant

Mini flour mill plant as wheat flour processing equipment, the wheat to flour process can not only guarantee the quality of flour processing, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency. How is the wheat to flour process with mini flour mill plant?

Flour machinery is a large flour processing equipment, far more than mini flour mill plant, it is in the process of assemble line, almost do not need artificial participation. Flour machinery has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and flour quality is good.

wheat to flour process

The specific wheat to flour process is as follows

First, screening impurities. Wheat to flour process should remove the impurity in the raw material, so that we can effectively ensure the quality of mini flour mill plant production, improve the nutritional value of the flour product.
Second, clean raw materials. In the process of wheat to flour process, the raw materials need to be cleaned, which can not only ensure food hygiene, but also facilitate the production and processing of mini flour mill plant.
Third, convey raw materials. Use the conveyor belt to carry the raw material into the pipe, rely on the tube vacuum of pipeline suck up, begin to carry on the processing work of mini flour mill plant.
Fourth, product processing. After preparing the above procedures, we can start the flour production using mini flour mill plant, and finally complete the process of wheat to flour.

Above is the how wheat to flour process, mini flour mill plant in the later process can be carried out in accordance with the above process, at the same time, maintenance should to be done during operation to ensure the service life of equipment.

Typical Mini Flour Mill Plant We Had Build



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