Start Up Your Own Small Scale Maize Flour Mill

It is possible to open and start up a new small scale maize flour mill. You don’t have to be interested only in large scale businesses or production to open a maize flour mill. You can carry out this venture from the safety of your house. As long as the proper tools are purchase and used, the quality of the maize flour will not be compromised. You only need about $700 to purchase the manual and electric mills that are mandatory for this type of work. A machine that produces very little amounts of noise, if any, should be bought if you intend to run this business from your house.

The material which is used to make the small scale maize flour mill, affects its price. There are some materials that will require you pay more while others will cost you less amounts of money. The machine you choose to buy for you mill should be one that you can adjust with ease. Get machines which can help you to mill at the rate of about 401lbs of fine flour every single hour. There is a preference for machines made from plastics and metals compared to those whose materials are wood. Stainless steel maize flour mills are costly but very effective.

Before you start the business, check with the authorities in your local area. Find out what the regulations are regarding with this type of business. Get the right kinds of certificates and licenses before you can embark on the business. Some states require that you adhere to their strict rules regarding emission of particles in the air which could be responsible for causing explosions. Air pollution is also an issue which local authorities take very seriously and you could end up being arrested and forced to appear in court for breaking these rules.

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