Flour Milling Equipment

FMFG(Q) Series Roller MillFMFG(Q) Series Roller Mill

1.Four rollers distributed horizontally which balance the system internal force.
2.Double feeding rollers, four rotator speeds and seven flute types to ensure the feeding accuracy.
3.Advanced teeth-shape belt transmission with low noise and pollution free.
4.Chamber suction
5.All-enclosure housing with good appearance

flour-purifierFQFD Series Purifier

FQFD Purifier is one of the main pieces of machinery in the wheat flour mill. This machine is used for purifying and grading semolina, middling in semolina and flourmills. It has a good design, reliable, and is easy to operate makes it excellent in manufacturing flour.

plansifterFSFG Series plan-sifter

FSFG Plan-sifter is an important piece of one of machinery in wheat flourmill. It is designed with diversified sieves to meet the grading requirement of various size products. It consists of three sections: a central driven unit and two lateral cabins housing the sifting channels. It has specific sieving and output performances.

double-bin-sifterFSFJ Series Double Bin Sifter

It is an additional piece of sieving equipment in flourmill. It is used to screen the materials from the miller, and to grade the materials and extract the pure flour. It has a flexible screen allocation and complete grinding.

flour-loosnerFSJZ Series Punchy Flour Loosner

1、Used in the reduction system to improve flour quality
2、Rotor is tested by dynamic balance which makes it runs smoothly
3、Striking column is made by special material so it is strong and durable

bran-brushing-machineFFPS Series Bran Brushing Machine

1、Used to clean off the flour from the flour contained wheat bran then improve the flour product ratio without crash the bran
2、The screen clearance adaptor ensures perfect brushing
3、Has two sets of screen mesh cleaning system

bran-brusherFFPD Series Bran Brusher

To separate & extract the flour sticks on the bran
compact structure, runs smoothly, low noise
Easy to change the brusher

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