Soy Protein Isolation Production Line Cost

The Purpose of Soy Protein Isolate Production

In recent years, the establishment of soybean protein Isoation plants has become a popular commercial investment project in the international market. At present, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries are in the leading position in the development of soybean protein isolate technology, which uses high-tech production technology to remove soybean oil and water-soluble non-protein parts from dehulled soybeans after its protein purity is extremely high. With the increasing awareness of health, many people have begun to pursue a high quality of healthy life, which can cause appetite, without adverse side effects, and rich in nutrients. It is recognized as a green and healthy nutritional product.

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How to Start a Soy Protein Isolation Plant Business

Soy protein isolates, or also known as soy protein isolates, are the most concentrated form of commercially available soy protein products. They contain more than 90% protein on a moisture-free basis. Soybean isolate protein powder contains a large amount of vegetable proteins that are absorbed by the body and can be broken down into a variety of amino acids, which serve to strengthen muscles, blood, skin and other organs, restore body functions, and also have the effect of strengthening resistance. Therefore, a growing number of investors are interested in establishing soybean isolate protein production plants! (Read More: Characteristics And Application Of Soy Protein Isolate )

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Successful Project:  100Ton Per Hour Soybean Protein Isolate Production Business Established in Uzbekistan

Production scale:

  • 100 tonnes per day soybean pre-treatment and dehulling production line
  • 80 tonnes/day soybean low temperature solvent extraction line
  • Processing line with an annual capacity of 6,500 tonnes of SPI (50 tonnes/day of low temperature meal)
  • 10T/day (food grade) dietary fibre production line
  • Water treatment water production: 50T/H
  • Boilers divided into 2 tons, 4 tons, 20 tons
  • Material: Non-GMO soybean material

How much does it cost to invest in a 100 ton per day soy protein isolation plant for commercial purpose? To customize the equipment to your actual situation, please feel free to contact us for more details and a free quote on soy protein isolate processing equipment!

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What is the Process for Producing Soy Protein Isolates?

The project for 100TPD soy protein isolate production line is organized into seven major workshops. Soybean meal pretreatment, solvent extraction, storage of soybean meal,wet protein area,dry protein area,dietary fiber,water treatment and boiler(solvent storage room and hydrochloric acid room).

Soybean Meal Pretreatment Process

Cleaning→conditioning→peeling→softening→pressing are all steps in the soy pretreatment process.This technique is intended to remove contaminants and hulls from soybeans in order to properly prepare them for soybean meal extraction.

Soya Meal Pretreatment Process in Soy Protein Isolation

Soya Meal Pretreatment Process in SPI

Low-temperature The Extraction of Soybean Meal

Low-temperature soybean meal extraction, desolventizing, evaporation, solvent recovery; and other procedures are all part of this process. Low-temperature soybean meal is generated as a result of this technique.Pre-treated soybeans are fed into the solvent extraction tank to produce low-temperature soybean meal and crude soybean oil. 

Soybean protein extraction equipment includes a sophisticated drag chain extractor:a stainless steel grill,variable frequency speed regulation at the intake and exit,automatic feed level control,steady output,low residual oil,and low solubility.

Low-temperature desolventizing is using the world's most sophisticated technology:the A+B tank desolventizing process.

This process produces low temperature soybean meal with a high NSI(nitrogen solubility index),uniform and complete flakes, full desolventizing action, and energy savings.

Low-temperature Produce the Soybean Meal in Soya Protein Isolation

Low-temperature Produce the Soybean Meal in SPI

Section on Soy Protein Extraction

The initial stage is extraction and dissolving. Using the solubilization property of soybean protein,low temperature defatted soybean meal is soaked in a weak alkaline aqueous solution(NaOH)to extract soluble protein and low molecular sugar;and then insoluble fiber and solid residues are centrifuged to separate.

In the second stage,acid precipitation,aqueous hydrochloric acid was added to the dissolved protein solution to alter its PH, and the precipitated protein gel was centrifuged.

The third stage is to neutralize.homogenize,sterilize,and spray dry.To get a powdered soy protein isolate product,the separated protein is homogenized, sanitized, vacuum flash evaporated and compressed,then spray dried.

Soya Protein Isolation Process Workshop

Soya Protein Isolation Process Plant

Process Characteristics

  • 1.The stainless steel component in touch with the substance
  • 2.To prevent stratification,the reaction tank employs a novel stirring structure.
  • 3.The computer regulates the water,lye,and acid ratio.
  • 4.A distinct sterilization procedure is used to avoid protein denaturation.
  • 5.To save operating costs,the drying tower employs a high-pressure hot air furnace.
  • 6.Air filtering that is unique to maintain clean air and prevent bacteria overload
  • 7.Important sections are automatically regulated to increase the process's stability
  • 8.Monitoring is used throughout the system to avoid material loss during manufacturing.

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