M6FFC Series Universal Grain Grinding Machine

M6FFC series is a toothed disk universal grain grinding machinery, which can process many kinds of raw materials, mainly used for pulverizing and grinding materials such as grains, spices, Chinese herbs, potatoes, chemicals and so on. In addition, the M6FFC small mill for batch sale is ideal for home milling plants, small food processing plants, chemical plants, feed mills, and individual farmers!

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Parameters of MFFC Series Grain Milling machine
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Whole Sale M6FFC Grinding Machine at Factory Price

Whole Sale M6FFC Grinding Machine at Factory Price

Note: M6ffc mill is available in both motor and diesel types, if you are looking for wholesale flour grinding machines for your milling project, click the button below to get more details about the machine and a free machine quote!

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Precision Performance: Decoding the Power of Multipurpose  Grain Grinding Mill

Internal Structure of Small Grain Mills
Internal Structure of Small Grain Milling Machines

Working principle: Its composition includes a feed hopper, a movable tooth disk, a fixed tooth disk, and an annular sieve sheet. The movable disk is equipped with flat teeth and round teeth, when working, the material enters the center of the fixed tooth disk through the feeding hopper, and under the joint action of the round teeth and flat teeth of the movable disk, it experiences impact and shearing. At the same time, due to the rotation of the gear disk, the material is gradually thrown out from the center and discharged through the holes of the ring sieve.

Why Choose ABC Machinery's Grain Milling Equipment?

  •   High Productivity and Stability: MFFC offers remarkable productivity while maintaining consistent stability, ensuring efficient material handling.

  •   Compact Size and Lightweight: MFFC units are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, optimizing space utilization in industrial settings.

  •   Ease of Installation: These systems are simple to install, saving valuable time and resources during setup.

  •   Effortless Sieving Mesh Replacement: MFFC allows for quick and straightforward replacement of the sieving mesh, reducing downtime during maintenance.

Hot Sale Multi-function Grain Grinding Machines

Our FFC whole grain milling machine can do grind any type of crop. All that is required is to look for a sieve mesh that will suit the cereal grain. We also provide the cyclone to the grinder as per client needs.

Customized Ccreens for Different Raw Material Sizes
Customized Ccreens for Different Raw Material Sizes

If you want different sizes for the ground materials, you can use different meshes on the sieve plates. You can use the  grain milling machine for all your milling needs, including making flour from wheat, maize, corn and rice. For more information, please to contact us!

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Raw Materials Suitable for M6FFC Grinding Machine in Milling Process

The inexpensive M6FFC Universal Milling Machine is suitable for a wide range of dry materials of all kinds basically. Different sizes of grinding materials can be realized by replacing different mesh on the sieve plate to meet customers' needs for different particles. From wheat, corn to rice, the grain milling machine is able to meet all kinds of milling needs.

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Raw Materials for Universal Grain Grinding Machine

  •  Various kinds of miscellaneous grains and feed processing

M6FFC series pulverizer is especially ideal for corn, soybeans, sorghum, dried potatoes, soybean cake and other kinds of miscellaneous grains and feed materials processing, the raw materials into the machine, the pulverizer once all into powder, no residue left, for the production process to provide an efficient and convenient solution.

  • Seasonings and herbs processing

All kinds of dehydrated vegetables, all kinds of seasonings, spices and herbs, such as: Chinese herbs, chili powder and so on. In addition, like this irregular and poor self-flowing materials, inclined bucket of the mill inlet is the best choice.

  • Wide application in chemical industry and paper making

In addition to the application in food and medicine, this model can also be used to pulverize many kinds of chemical raw materials and papermaking pulping, covering some heat-sensitive materials, such as sugar, salt and chemical products.
We also stock other different models as per your needs. I would be glad to get in touch with you so that we can discuss what you exactly need and the product that will just suit that need.
If you are interested in M6FFC mill, please tell us your raw materials and the finished products you want, we have professional milling engineers to make an exclusive milling program for you!

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Global Reach: Shipping Small, Versatile Grinding Equipment Across Borders

At present, M6FFC small-scale multifunctional grain mill has been rapidly recognized by the international market, like Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. With compact structure and simple operation, the machine is suitable for grinding various kinds of miscellaneous grains, including wheat, rice, corn and so on. Its advanced milling technology ensures uniformity and fineness of pulverization, thus ensuring that the quality of the final product meets international standards.

Batch of Small Multifunctional Milling Equipment Sold All over the World
Flour Milling sold Abroad in Bulk

In addition to this we are committed to providing quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a small mill for individual use or wish to use it in a large scale production, we have a solution for your needs.

Through the above introduction, we hope that everyone can buy the most proper ffc milling equipment at favorable price to start or expand their wheat flour milling business!


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